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750.00 $

Зелёный бобы (маш) Добрый день Продаем оптовой цене маш на экспорт . Цена оптовая ,в наличии 6000 тон. Условия поставки фса

800.00 $

Sell buckwheat , 760.00 €/t We sell buckwheat of excellent quality! In bags of 25 or 50 kg at the request of the buyer. Price on the spot FCA Denmark 760 Euro, we can load in your transport. We can also deliver to any city in Europe. per ton.

1200.00 $

HIGH QUALITY RAW CASHEW NUT FOR SALE Percent of cashews: ≥70% Breakage rate: ≤5% Ingredients: Cashews, soy bean oil, salt Main process: selecting roasting, seasoning selecting & metal detection, and packaging in the GMP plant. Key point: CCP :Selecting and metal detection Allergens ...